Choosing the right tone of voice for your brand

One of the most important things you need to do when you set out to attract an audience is choose your tone of voice. 

The right tone of voice attracts the right people to your brand. When thinking about your tone, think about the audience you are hoping to attract and the messages you want to send. By being clear about these, and consistent with your tone, you will start to gather brand recognition and your audience will pick up on your posts, adverts and blog posts from the multiple channels you will be using.

Know your audience

The key thing to think about when choosing a tone of voice for your brand is the type of audience you wish to attract. There will be personas which will meet your audience needs more than others. So think about these personas. Are they professionals? What age range do they sit in? Will they respond badly to slang or connotations? There are brands that have built a fantastic tone of voice by knowing exactly who they speak to. Even big brand, household names who have adapted more colloquial ways of speaking to their audiences. In some cases they have isolated people who don’t respond well to the tone they have adopted, however, they know those people aren’t the one who are going to buy from them, so it works.

Know your values

The correct tone of voice can mean that your brand becomes instantly recognisable by those who follow it. By being clear about your values and how you achieve them as a brand, this will feed through into the content you create. Consumers love to be loyal to brands when they understand their values. So if your key value is approachability, make it show in your voice and come across in a more conversational way. If its professionalism, you can adapt to a more formal, structured voice which is backed up by the knowledge you have gathered in your field. 

Maintaining your voice

When a brand first starts, it’s often the founder who sets the tone of voice. Their personality will shine through and often that is what the initial audience picks up on. As the brand grows, more people will be taken on to create content. Whether this is in house or from an agency, it’s important to maintain the voice that your audience love to hear, or develop your tone of voice in a way that the people who helped you build your brand will still recognise. 

Be happy with adjustments 

Sometimes a brand’s audience will differ with different mediums or for different aspects of their business. This may mean your voice has to adapt slightly for these differences. For example, many companies find that offline and online voices need to be slightly different. Or that longer term buying decisions may need a slightly different tone than off the cuff purchases. But as long as you keep the tone recognisable throughout and you will be able to maintain the brand recognition and in turn, those off the cuff purchasers may become long term customers. 

Bringing tone to life with video 

It’s likely that video isn’t the first foray into content creation for your brand. If you have an established tone of voice already it’s a good idea to think about how that will work in your video. Are you attracting the same audience just through a different medium? Or are you looking to attract a new audience entirely? Does your tone of voice come across in the correct way with the video you are looking to produce. Will it help achieve the goal that are you hoping to achieve? Does anything need to be toned down slightly, or embraced more when creating video content? Of course, you need a hook early on. With 33% of viewers abandoning a video after 30 seconds, it’s important your tone can also get your message across early, and in the most engaging way possible. However, you must also think about the fact that this audience will see your tone of voice elsewhere, be it your website or other social media posts, and you don’t want the tone to be completely different. They may think they have clicked the wrong CTA! 

Get your brand voice across!