Capture your event with a fantastic event highlight video

Want to re-live your event over and over? Want to share it with the world? Want to market your successful event to potential clients? Want to help those who couldn’t make it feel like part of the day? With an event highlight video, you can do just that.

If you are a business or brand hosting an event, you want people to share the experience with you. Whether its an in-house conference or a public event you are holding in your venue, highlight videos will give you the opportunity to share the day with people who couldn’t make it, or people who might want to work with your brand…

What is an event highlight video?

An event highlight video is a series of snippets from your event, put together for you to showcase its success. It can be anything you want it to be, and can include any type of filming you would like it to include. Our dedicated team will work with you from the start to understand what your event is all about, and what an event highlight video can do for you. Once your event is over you will have a professional video suitable for sharing with clients – existing or potential – guests and your social media audience.

What are my options for event highlight videos?

The options for event filming are endless. You can chose from a team of videographers to a single videographer, depending on your event size and the type of video you want to capture. When discussing the event, we will run through all your options and work out what will work best for your highlight video.

Your event highlights reel

With our highlights package you will receive the snippets of your day that made it special. These will capture and highlight the mood of the event, and if there are any parts of the day you definitely want included you can simply let us know.

After the event

Our editing process will be shared with you from the start. So you will know what to expect from the editing stages, and how quickly your highlights video will be sent to you. Your event highlights video package will outline the number of revisions you can make and we’ll do our utmost to deliver the perfect video for your brand from the get-go. Once you are happy with your video, it is yours to do with as you please. Share it with the world and showcase your brilliant event, you deserve to after all the hard work you’ll have put in.

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