How to up your social media game with content

One of your biggest brand focuses should be on social media. Love it or hate it, it’s the face of your brand. It’s what the public will see and what new audiences will check before they try out your brand. No matter what your niche, social media is important. And with the ever changing algorithms favouring video over anything else right now, that’s where your social media content strategy should lie.

Reasons for choosing video
As previously mentioned, video content is the best way to get your message out there on social media when it comes to the platform algorithms. Plus, 68% of people prefer to learn about a product or service through video. So not only do the platforms allow your video content to be seen, more people will want to watch it over reading posts and looking at photos.

Brand reasoning for investing in video content
Videos build trust and understanding for people. As they watch your video content, they will learn about your product in the best way, with it on the screen in front of you. They will also learn about your brand and seeing the faces behind your brand can be a great way to get people to trust in what they are purchasing.

Tips for using Video Content to gain brand presence and show ROI
You should remain consistent with your video content. It should reflect your business through and through and it should clearly mirror the kind of messaging people will get when they click on the links within the post to get on to your website. If you go for a strong, modern feel to your video content but your website is old and outdated, your click through rate will be great, but your bounce rate will be through the roof. Choosing one agency to deliver your video content will help keep it consistent and allow you to build the best relationship to showcase your brand.

What you get from a day of content creation from Immersive Digital and Media
Video content production doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of your time or budget. With Immersive Digital + Media’s content creation package you will get enough social media video content to last at least a month. Our Content Creation Package is one day of filming and photography where we gather a load of film and photo content for your social channels. We look to gather at a MINIMUM 30 pieces of content, though depending on the business it is often a LOT more. This option is available with or without a contract or any previous video content from ourselves. So if you want to get your social game on track, give us a shout!

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