Creating social content

Creating social content

Social Media Video Content

Content has always been king and in today’s world video content rules the roost. Here at Immersive Digital & Media, we want to help you create regular monthly video content. We have a few options for creating regular content on a retainer based basis.

One of our popular options is the “on call” block based option. This allows you access to our filmmaker for a set number of 1 day blocks. Each block will contain 4 hours filming time and 4 hours editing time, filming and creating regular content for your social media profiles. This package is ideal if you would like a filmmaker on retainer when you don’t know the dates or regularity of filming. Ideal for showcasing products or highlighting small events, this package is the perfect solution to obtaining engaging content for your social media channels.

Optionally, you can choose our weekly video content option, to have us create a video every week. Our dedicated filmmaker will provide you with one day of filming, during which 4 videos will be filmed. These will be edited into a video between 30 and 60 seconds in formats suitable for social media. This is best for showcasing testimonials to instructional/educational videos and product videos. Our video production team then supplies you with one video per week to release throughout the month.

Finally, our really popular Content Day option is a great choice. We will provide you with enough video clips and photos to last around a month! This single day of filming and photography is ideal for gathering lots of short video clips and photographs for your social channels. This can then be dropped onto your channels however you wish, 1 a day, 3 a week etc… This option is also AMAZING for you if you’re having a rebrand or a new launch and want some content to go along with it. You don’t have to enter into a contract for this option, but if you’d like to sign up for regular content days throughout your campaign period, just get in touch and we can discuss those options.

All videos are edited to music from our library, though additional music may be used at an extra cost.

Get in touch with us and request our Social Video Content brochure which goes into the options in detail and let’s chat about making you a content king.

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